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DragonBall Z Cavern


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Saiyan Space Pod-A small ship that can only fit one person inside. Since it is so small it doesn't have many special features. $2000 (10 days to travel anywhere) 10days

Capsule Corp. Ship(No Graviton Machine)-A larger ship that can probably fit one person. $3500 (8 days any where.) 17days

Capsule Corp. Ship(Includes Graviton Machine)-The same size as the one above but you can train in higher gravity. It multiplies by normal gravity. It depends on how long your trip is on how high you go up. $4000 (8 days anywhere) 20days

Changeling Ship-A large ship that is like Freeza's. Comes with gravity training room(exactly like Capsule Corp), rejuvination tank. Also comes with Escape Pod for emergencies. $10000 (can travel anywhere in 6 days) 23days

Space Cruiser-Large ship that we made up that is bigger than the Changeling Ship. Comes with Capsule Corp. Graviton room, Escape Pod for emergencies and a rejuvination tank.Sometimes called a "Floating Fortress". $15000 ( anywhere in 4 days) 28days


Dragonball Radar: $300 (finds Dragonballs) 5days

Scouter: $500 (Can find Dragonballs and read small amount of PL if it is hiden.) 7days

Black Star Radar: $1,000(Locates Black Star DragonBalls) 9 days

Super Scouter: $3,000(Same as scouter except it can also find Black Star DragonBalls) 13days

Gold Star Radar: $4,000(Find Gold Balls)15days

Supreme Scouter: $5,000(Can find any Dragonballs and read some power that is hidden) 17days

Ultimate Scouter: cant be bought ( can locate all Dragonballs and any PL on a planet.) 20days

Saiyan Armor: $1,000 (Can block 1/4 damage, breaks after 4 hits) 9days

Ultra Saiyan Armor: $5,000 (Blocks 1/2 damage, breaks after 3 uses) 17days

Ultimate Saiyan Armor: $10,000 (Blocks 3/4 damage and breaks after 2 hits.) 25days

Vegeta Armour: cant be bought ( blocks 1/2 of damage breaks after 6 fights) 28days

Sunglasses: $500 Blocks any blinding type of attacks, can only block up to 5 before they shatter 5days

Armor Repair: Regular-$500, Ultra-$1,000, Ultimate-$1,500

Sensu Bean Pack(2): $1000 (Heals you completely)

Weighted Wrist Bands: $500 (Adds 100 PL and 50 HP and 1 point more on your training.)

Weighted Head Band: $1,000 (Adds 150 PL and 70 HP and 2 points more on your training.)

Weithed Shoes: $1,500 (Adds 100 PL and 100 HP and 3 points more on training.)

Weighted Clothes: $2,000 (Adds 200 PL and 125 HP and 5 points more on training.)

Weighted Cape: $3,000 (Adds 250 PL 100 HP and 4 points more on trianing.)

Weighter Suit: $5,000 (Adds 300 PL and 150 HP and 8 points more on training)

Revive Tank: $10,000 (Completely heals you over time)

Pendalum Room: $20,000 (A room that will increase your training by sending you to the past.Adds 500 PL and 300 HP and 20 points and if you have weighted trianing clothes you add that to the room trianing.--Ex.Train in room with weighted clothes you woudl get 600 PL, 775 HP and 24 points.)

Potara Earrings: $15,000 (allows you and another to fuse and have the total of all yoru stats combined and your Pl do not have to be near each others)

Remote: $2,000 (Used to bring your space ship to you if it is teams and on another planet or so)

Hand Blaster: $2,000 (This device is attached to a scouter*must have a scouter or can't use*it will read low power and deliver a blast equal to that power or a little higher to stop it,MAX damage is 5,000)

Gravitron: $8,000 (Connected in Space Ship for training while traveling,,,Adds 100 PL,100 HP and 4 stats per day of training on ship)

Gravitron Upgrade: $2,000 (Adds 25 PL,50HP,2 stats to whatever your gravitron is before.{max upgrade Lv:20})


Basic Sword-$2,500(Standard sword)

Basic Bo-$2,500(Standard bo)

Basic Axe-$2,500(Standard axe)
16 days

Basic Scythe-$2,500(Standard scythe)
16 days

Basic Whip-$2,500(Standard whip)

Thanx for the help Ryan and Jay.