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DragonBall Z Cavern


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Saga Episodes.

Saibeman-"Eh, heh heh heh eh ha HA HA HEH HA HA HAHA! ! !"
#2S-"Yes, we've found one, only heh heh six more to go!!"
#6S-"These pathetic humans will be a useless battle!"
#5S-"Lets continue our search." Each of them lift off the ground slowly then speeding away with tremendous speed, in search of the rest of the seven DRAGONBALLS.

Ftrunks flies abouve the Earth in search of defeating the Saibemen. Apon spotting one that was rummageing in the grass.
Ft-"Hey, you, this is not your place leave here at once or you shall be killed, along with the rest of your kind !"
The saibeman turns around cackleing insanely.
S-"Ha ha ha, you must be joking if I'm going to give up my search for Dragonballs for a petty HUMAN ! ! "
Ft-"Ha ha, you are very confused, hmmm no time to explain, I'll show you the what a T-R-U-E Sayian is ! ! !"
Ft flies at him with tremendous speed kneeing him hard in the stomach, then hitting back down to the ground with is fist. S-"Hyper jump!" the saibeman flies up into the air then falls down even quicker and hits Ft hard.
Ft charges up and fires a ki blast straight into his victims stomach.The saibeman seems like he is not phased by the blast at all, and rushes at Ft with a pack of kicks,and punches.
Ft then flies away from the melee battle breathing excessivly, bruised and battered.FT-"huh? I under estimated you" The saibeman rushes him again laughing and kicks him across his face alowing him to lie on the ground.
Ft rolls away and stands up, with his knees bent.FT-"K-A-M-E..H-A...M-A...H-A! ! ! ! ! !" The blast is sent right through the saibeman. S-"HUH!!!! Impossible!!!" The saibeman wounded greatly screams "HYPER JUM......."
FT-"Tsiuhidan!!!" The saibeman was unable to finish his words and dissapers. Ft falls down breathing heavily.
Winner:Future Trunks

Comeon Guys lets kill these saibeman and get these dragonballs back.