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DragonBall Z Cavern


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When you reach a certain Pl you get a move or more.

When starting these are what you can get:

Ki Blast.

Bukujutsu: The ability to fly with one's ki.

Kaiten Kougeki "Revolving Attack": The user spins around and can not be touched. The bad thing is, when the user stops spining, they're incredibly dizzy and pass out

Eye laser: It is basically a double blast shot from the eyes.

Gekitotsu Buu Buu Volleyball: After trappingsomeone with Renzoku Super Donuts, you beat the ball around before spiking it into the ground.

Kokusanyudokodan: Fires many ki bolts around the opponent, surrounding them, then controls the bolts so they all shoot towards their target.

Mystic Attack: Extend your arms at the enemy from a distance thus surprising them.

Tsuihidan: It is a ki blast, and it tracks its enemy

Hasshuken: Move your arms fast enough so they are like 8 arms then attack with all eight arms at once

Tail Swing: Knocks opponent down with tail. You have to have a tail to use this.

Self-Heal: Ability to heal self. (Can be done in or out of battle. Heals 1/2 HP. (but can't be used if you are beat in battle,you have to go to the hospital.)

Kamehameha: It is a ki blast.

(Have pl)

Final Flash:It is quite similar to the Kame Hame Ha (although taking much longer to charge and causing more damage over a larger area) 20,000pl

Energy Rings: You fire rings at your opponent. If Opponent doesnt dodge, rings disable opponent for a while unless opponent does a ki move or your strength is less than his.

Evil Energy:Large ball of dark energy.18,000pl

Evil destructo disk :Same as regular destructo disk except if opponent dodges you have 2 more chances to hit him (Acts as three moves) 38,000pl

Tri-Form: Splits your body into three different bodies. You play each of these bodies as a different character. Stats remain the same in each character but your current PL is divided between each body. Hitpoints are divided between the bodies as well. When one body loses all of its hitpoints your body with the most HP absorbs it and gains its PL. To go back into one body it takes 1 turn per body. (YOU CAN LEARN THIS FROM GOHAN.) 50,000pl

Chobakuretsumaha: Done when you power up the blast between the palms of his hands in front of his chest, then release the blast. 40,000pl

Kaifuku Power "Healing Power": The ability to completely heal people near death with hands (can be used on oneself,can only be used on self after battle if you win,otherwise you must go to hospital).(YOU CAN ONLY LEARN THIS FROM MASTER ROSHI.)45,000pl

Fusion: This technique is used to fuse two people into a single person, and give the fused person a huge power boost. Anyone can do the fusion, but you have to have close to the same PL as the person you fuse with. It last only one battle. PL and Stats added together. HP is the HP of the person with the highest HP. If you die both people die.

Kyodaika: Grows your body to a huge size making your blows more effective. (doubles strength and speed and also raises your doubles your PL) 60,000pl (LEARN FROM GOHAN AND MASTER ROSHI.) 35,000pl

Special Beam Cannon:(Namek's Only) A photon drill beam shot from two fingers. (LEARN FROM A NAMEK WITH THE PL OF AT LEAST 55,000pl.) 55,000pl

Hide PL/Stats: Allows user to hide a portion of PL/stats at will. Original PL/stats can only be detected by the Detect PL/stats move. (YOU CAN ONLY LEARN THIS FROM GOHAN OR MASTER ROSHI.)25,000pl

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